Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (MKCL) believes that excellence can be nurtured amongst school children by identifying their natural talent, providing them with appropriate guidance and creating measures to grade them as per the international standards, in addition to their academic grades. Also, there is a need for knowledge based – knowledge centric examination and grading system comparable to these international standards. After all, the ultimate international academic examinations are International Olympiad examinations in various subjects.

MKCL along-with Indian Consortium for Educational Transformation (I-CONSENT) have therefore, started a, movement called Maharashtra Science Olympiad Abhiyan which aims to facilitate students from urban as well as rural areas, so that they become capable of winning International Olympiad Medals.

Nurturing Excellence and Talent (NET) program was launched in the year 2007, as a part of Maharashtra Science Olympiad Abhiyan. Under this program, a student is tested repeatedly and provided with nurturing facility to reach higher and higher levels in examinations of international standards. The most unique feature of NET is that it not limited to students from metro cities but it identifies rural talent, nurtures excellence and builds their confidence and capability to participate in International Olympiads.

What does NET do?
• Informs and creates awareness amongst school level children about national and international competitive exams
• Nurtures Excellence in students to grow academically
• Reaches students from urban as well as rural background, with same high quality guidance
• Delivers information at student’s doorstep
• Makes students interact with teachers face to face through virtual network
• Motivates them to compete internationally

Quality of Training
One of the most important feature of NET is that, Nurturing Programs are designed with the guidance and participation of eminent professors. NET has a team of 20 eminent dedicated professors/ teachers with a work experience of 15-30 years.

MKCL has nurtured 60,000 plus students so far from the year of inception.